On-Site Activities

Hay ride

There are plenty of things to see and do at our campground, and we take pride in providing activities for campers of all ages, promising to keep you happily occupied all season long. We're always thinking up new things to do, so keep your eyes open for new activities that might appeal to your inner camper!

At Shady Grove, you can:


Hang Poolside

What's a vacation without a pool? Shady Grove has the perfect spot for the family to hang out, get soaked, and soak up some sunshine. Bring your swimsuit!


Explore the Pond

The pond at Shady Grove offers hours of fun for campers of all ages. Explore the water's edge, or get up close and personal with fishing or boating... either way, good times await!

Fishing in the pond

Toss a Line

For some, fishing is therapeutic... for others, it's thrilling. Sometimes it's both! Our pond is home to a few whoppers that are sure to make a memory if you're good enough to get them on your line!

Campers kayaking

Paddle Away

Kayaks, canoes, paddleboats... however you want to cruise the pond, Shady Grove has got you covered. You just can't beat a day on the water, floating to your heart's content!

Basketball goal

Get Your Hoops On

For relaxed pickup games, or the more serious ballers, our basketball court is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create some friendly competition between campers!

Rec room

Game It Up

Occasionally we need a rainy day to keep the campground fresh and green, but our rec room offers plenty of awesome games and activities if you have to be indoors.


Hit the Playground

For our younger crowd, the playground promises endless amounts of fun and entertainment. And Mom and Dad sure won't mind the kids burning a little energy, either!

Campers eating in the pavilion

....and more!

There's almost always something going on in our pavilion, and we have a steady stream of entertainment and activities rolling through. Visit our Events page to learn more!

"Thank you... had a great weekend there!!! Really nice place to camp! Many thanks to Don and all his staff for a great picnic and fireworks! God Bless."

—D. Garman